The Need for Change

It’s clear to me that this pandemic isn’t going to blow over any time soon unless they find and approve a working inoculation.  The people who write our legislation and highly influence our elections must be in a quandary, because the excessive desire for safety and security they’ve encouraged is at odds with the excessive desire for profit and financial success of their major financial backers.

I’ve been imagining the changes needed for our worldwide economy to keep working and trying to find a win-win solution to the pooling of our financial blood in deeper and deeper pockets as modern technology and the pandemic have tied the world together both socially and economically.  Corporate capitalism is too successful at winning in the game of war and influence we’ve been playing since civilization started.  And mankind has been too successful at unbalancing our entire environment.  

The Pope must support and encourage birth control…particularly in areas where his influence is so powerful.

Industry must find a way to support local families and communities even while the economies of scale, the low cost of foreign labor, and the lesser environmental protections make Third World venues more profitable and create Third World conditions within certain communities here in the First World.

And we must develop unbiased, reliable, and free international news sources so that the government “of the people, by the people, and for the people” might actually function as our founding fathers said they intended.

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