A Limited View

on “not seeing the wood for the trees:

I think there is an even greater blindness common to the human race: the inability to see or react to the fact that the Earth’s human population has doubled in the past century and has utterly destroyed the balance of nature on every single continent on the planet and STILL the Catholic Church and fundamental Christianity cannot get on board with birth control measures. From a scientific perspective, human life is a vicious pest that has infested the planet beyond any reasonable balance.

Lest I be mistaken, I’m suggesting that we must value existing life rather than overburdening our environment by prejudicing our awareness. Objectivity demands that we focus on the fact that we cannot remain ignorant of our role in destroying the delicate balances of the bigger picture that makes ALL life AND the balance they require sacred. As long as human life is considered the only form of sacred life, as long as we fail to see the evidence this belief is ruining ALL life, we will force more and more war, famine, and pandemics on ourselves and on all Earth life of the future.

©David Ney Dodson, July, 2020, Phoenix, AZ

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