Imagine a Peaceful World

An original book by David N. Dodson


Ch 1: Imagine, An Introduction
Ch 2: Human Motivation
Ch 3: Spirituality
Ch 4: Blind Loyalty
Ch 5: War is Armed Robbery
Ch 6: The Cold War
Ch 7: Communism
Ch 8: Corporate Capitalism
Ch 9: Why Fight Wars?
Ch 10: Religious Belief
Ch 11: Gold Star Mothers and Fathers
Ch 12: War on the Nonindustrial World
Ch 13: “In God We Trust”
Ch 14: A Surfeit of Wealth
Ch 15: Quotes about Religion
Ch 16: The Human Mind
Ch 17: Bible Studies
Ch 18: The Three Jesuses
Ch 19: Biblical Ethics
Ch 20: A Racist God
Ch 21: Why I Consider The Bible Fiction
Ch 22: Why I Consider Christianity Schizophrenic
Ch 23: A Better Society
Ch 24: Theoretical Physics; A Different Perspective
Ch 25: God
Ch 26: Denial, Lapses in Awareness
Ch 27:The Gift of Peace on Earth
Ch 28: A Precocious Child in a Christian Family
Ch 29: I Consider The Bible Fiction
Ch 30: A Letter to the Creationists
Ch 31: Introduction to Step Work
Ch 32: A First Step for US, the United States
Ch 33: A Second Step for US, the United States
Ch 34: A Third Step for US, the United States
Ch 35: Pope Francis
Ch 36: There Is Only One Reality
Ch 37: Divide and Conquer
Ch 38: America’s Greatness
Ch 39: Radical Islamic Terrorism
Ch 40: An Alternate Belief

==>Ch 1: Imagine, An Introduction


2 thoughts on “Imagine a Peaceful World

  1. Great thanks for sharing this. I’ve taken a cursory look at the first chapter and will surely return to study the entire book. It seems like awesome stuff!

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    1. Thanks!
      I left a comment on your site as well — very nice, but I think you’ll find that love is just as blind as hate or bigotry. When we’re all choked up saluting our flag and (at least for us “Americans”) patting ourselves on the back for being great, there’s been a lot of missed injustices — such as: a nation “of the people, by the people, and for the people” created in 1776 finally giving the vote to the female half of their people in 1920 and the vote to a couple of persecuted minorities piecemeal starting in 1965, and, while we STILL think that though “all men are created equal,” only us “superpowers” should have lots and lots of nuclear weapons and claymore land mines and keep over 100,000 troops overseas in other peoples’ homelands. (This is definitely NOT a complete list, by the way….) When I woke up from my patriotism coma, I had to keep blinking just to keep my eyes open.
      I love my country, don’t get me wrong, but the foolish things that people believe with every ounce of their being sometimes make my hair stand up straight. Loyalty is a powerful weapon. When put in the control of the wrong faction, it can do massive harm.

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