The Hand in Your Pocket

Yesterday, October 23, 2021, Heather Cox Richardson’s post in Letters from an American was a story about Republican “less government” policies leading to money laundering. This came as no shock since BOTH PARTIES have been using the massive US military budget to scam the US public for years. My reply:

There are other semi-legal money-making/tax-stealing schemes that have a long history of making loads of money off of fellow citizens during wartime.  An example might be the Baghdad bridge that was repaired around 2003 to the tune of $50 million by an American company a week after a Baghdad engineer (having repaired many Baghdad bridges during the Iran-Iraq War) estimated it at $300 thousand.  (Source:  Baghdad Burning).  Or the buckboard wagons sold to serve each and every cavalry colonel in the US Army during WWI (none of which were ever used) …or the 8,000,000 excellent infantry boots bought at retail for the 1,000,000 infantrymen, never used, and sold at war surplus auctions … or the Victory Bonds sold to soldiers and belatedly redeemed after being devalued.  (Source: War is a Racket by USMC Major General {ret.} Smedley Darlington Butler.)  Maybe the 100,000 US troops in Germany, Japan, and S. Korea might qualify as well, having been there for 65-75 years and counting… or the other 100,000 US troops in other foreign places such as the 6 Kuwaiti bases protecting our colony from the country the English stole it from as well as the corrupt “Royal” family we installed in power next to it in Saudi Arabia (look up ARAMCO).

Why isn’t anyone talking about the inflated military budget that now equals 1/3 of the world’s destructive expenditures (equal to the next 10 countries combined) to “protect” (actually endanger by gross provocations) US citizenry that compose 1/24 of the world’s population located in one of the safest places on the planet?

And why didn’t ANY Presidential candidate from EITHER party suggest curtailing this inflated, counter-productive, runaway spending as a source of money to fix infrastructure and fund domestic programs to improve our lives rather than fund schemes to militarize the entire world and threaten every living entity on the planet with both conventional warfare and Nuclear Winter’s massive radiation fallout that is increasingly probable as both political parties aggressively pursue the “greatness” we all seem to crave?

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