An Open Response to Mark Meadows @

To: [Conservative Partnership Institute]

Re: Biden’s Attack on Health Freedom

Dear Fellow American,

I’m old enough to have been, along with my classmates, vaccinated IN SCHOOL against smallpox with no say in the matter.  You are merely inventing “rights” that have never existed before.  What about the right (read obligation with no “right” to refuse) to go to school … and shouldn’t these children have a right to survive the experience?  What about the right to get treatment in a hospital or go to work without a 10-fold increase in the odds of getting a deadly disease?  Rights must be balanced by responsibilities and today we find ourselves actually responsible for the health and well-being of the person we breathe upon or touch, directly or indirectly.  These arguments aren’t one-sided or crystal clear, my friend, but you’re just making things up out of thin air. You DO have a right to refuse by getting frequently tested, which (to me anyway) seems a reasonable tradeoff with the “Right to Life” that conservatives seem to value so much…or the “Right to Choose” [whether to give birth or not–definitely a risky endeavor] which conservatives do not consider a woman’s right at all.

Sincerely, David Ney Dodson, Phoenix, Arizona

( the start of Mark’s e-mail to me )

Fellow American:

Joe Biden’s new Covid vaccine mandate is an illegal, unconstitutional affront to American freedom. The Executive Branch has no power to coerce workers or employers to get a shot they don’t want.

In America, the government works for the people, not the other way around. It’s time for conservatives to stand up and hold their elected officials accountable….

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