The History Behind Today

Heather Cox Richardson’s blog today reminds us all about the history behind Donald Trump’s vision of the world and, behind him Ronald Reagan and the ruination of all Jimmy Carter’s efforts at peace, both local and global as well as an equal chance and good homes for his black neighbors and friends and, behind that, the rationale for racism rampant in this country and so difficult to overcome that has been around since our ancestors lusted after this lush, rich land inhabited by men and women with redder skin and less destructive tendencies and technology.

It also shows the perverseness of the violent response and negative consequences that accrue when people like the Taliban fight back violently against prejudice, injustice, and enforced domanation. When we look at places like Vietnam and Afghanistan, we also see an echo of our own society’s internal errors and injustices.

©David Ney Dodson, August, 2021, Phoenix, AZ

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