The Pandemic

I think that this pandemic is the inevitable evolutionary answer to the false belief that only human life is sacred and must be encouraged to expand beyond Earth’s capacity to sustain its vast numbers.

It is just the first of Earth’s reactions to our greed and grandiosity. Viruses and bacteria will continue to proliferate and mutate with the support of so many closely-packed humans on which they rely. Climate change will continue. Nuclear weapons will continue to proliferate. Almost constant warfare seems to be the only way our leaders can devise to sustain our economy. And our complete and utter disregard for other cultures, religious beliefs, and alternative economic systems seems to keep us in constant fear and violent overreaction.

Until we get it that ALL men [and women][of all ages][of all sexual identities and predilections][in every country][of every religion or belief][whether wealthy or poor] have the right to dignity and a fair and equitable chance in life and representation with compassion under the law, I think it may continue to get worse.

We started to turn a corner when Jimmy Carter took office and refrained from all-out violent and destructive over-reaction, but we turned back to the same crap when he was kicked out by Ronald Reagan and again when the same slogan, “Make America Great Again” made The Donald our President.

I have just a smidgen of hope that we can return to compassionate and supportive values rather than the tried-and-false-but-effective fear, division, and violence with which we’ve achieved that “Greatness” we so admire in ourselves. 

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