Vetoing the Defense Bill

If you read my blogs about The Donald’s term as President, you’ll note my distinct dislike of the man. So the veto of the massive “defense” bill has me surprised, because I whole-heartedly agree with it.

The military has NOT been defending this country or creating Peace on Earth or furthering the cause of democracy anywhere.

What they did in Vietnam was wage war AGAINST the will of the majority of citizens in the Southern half of Vietnam (divided by NATO rather than by the Vietnamese) let alone the whole country.

What they did in Desert Shield and Desert Storm was defend a US/English colonial outpost stolen from Iraq just after World War I which had been stealing massive amounts of Iraqi oil and selling and shipping it cheaply to refineries in the US.

And what they did in the invasion of Iraq was create terror throughout the Middle East and destabilize and brutalize a modern, progressive Arab country uniquely UNINVOLVED in terrorism or Weapons of Mass Destruction. The Mass Destruction in Iraq was caused by OUR conventional weapons dropping Hell on the towns and cities of a country innocent of the crimes that we, the US have committed since 1945 and the terror our armies and nuclear weapons continue to inflict on the Third World.

Our armed forces aren’t even winning any more; they’re just in it to make more money for the wealthy sponsors of both political parties — money taken from your pockets! And, at that, they’ve been a rousing success leading the world in “defense” spending by three times the second-place finisher in the race to spend and destroy that used to be called the “Cold War.”

Certainly in my lifetime, we have been wasting massive amounts of money to “protect” one of the least threatened countries in the world by creating wars all over the place and threatening the entire world with a vast arsenal on city-killing bombs, bombers and drones.

Had we spent half of that $600 billion (and growing) per year on goodwill and help for the more needy people of the world rather than threats and destruction, I am convinced we citizens of the United States would be safer, freer and more united.

Then we could spend the other half on something helpful to the more needy of our own citizens rather than stuffing it into pockets already overflowing with unneeded excess wealth.

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