Buying Votes

I just got an instant message on my cell phone from Nancy Pelosi. Of course I’ve never met Nancy Pelosi and she doesn’t know me and the millions of other potential donors she’s begging to match the big pockets of the PACs that have been spending like drunken sailors to influence votes.

Nancy tells me, “I’m stunned.”
“Trump’s Republicans just dumped $91 MILLION into Georgia.”
“And today he’s holding a massive rally to rile up his base and raise seven more.”
“This is the most important ask I’ve ever made of you:”
“Can you rush in $14 before Trump’s rally to make his stunt completely BACKFIRE with a record-breaking fundraising day for Democrats? It’s so important, I’m personally 3X-matching all gifts…”

I’ve been getting daily e-mails and instant-messages for months now. (And I’ve responded to a couple.) But this is NOT democracy at its finest!!!

The system is broken. The laws and the Constitution are antiquated and no longer begin to support the will of the majority in this country. The Senate, in particular, is NOT a democratic institution because it unfairly discriminates against the more populous states and has 6-year terms which allow for massive spending for major influence by minorities — including total outsiders who are not “represented” by the Senator they’re getting elected.

The Electoral College is less biased, but is run by seniority and rewards loyalty and toeing the party “line.” Few people get anywhere without the backing of one of the two major parties which are funded by people with very deep pockets who get richer off our taxes and the laws their wealth buys.

Why should I be buying influence in Georgia’s Senate Runoff election? I’ve already elected my two Senators and I’m happy with them. What business of mine is it who represents the voters of Georgia? Well — because which PARTY wins this election determines what gets passed and what gets stonewalled. It also determines whether the Supreme Court is progressive or reactionary, whether the religious right is able to roll back women’s rights to better reflect their minority opinions, whether or not we continue with the excessive property rights the original framers thought appropriate or we enhance and support basic human rights instead.

So, make no mistake, Georgians, it isn’t only the propaganda machine in Moscow that’s spending massively to influence your votes, it’s your fellow citizens in nearby states and cushy offices all around this country as well. And I can sympathize with your confusion. Because they’ll say and do almost anything to get you to support their agenda.

Until big money gets kicked out of our elections, we won’t really have a democracy at all … just a bunch of guys vying for the massive donations needed to get elected; a Senate and House bought and paid for.

┬ęDavid Ney Dodson, 6 December 2020, Phoenix, AZ

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