What Trump Support is About

My Big Aha of the Year.

Since the Egyptians took Sudanese slaves …
Since the Greeks and the Romans …
Since the Dark and Middle Ages …
Through the “Enlightenment” …
Through the violent takeover of the Americas …
In Colonialism and neoColonialism …
We’ve had male supremacy and white supremacy.
Our religions celebrated it and reinforced it.
We fought and died for our kings and queens and the acquisition of new territory;
We’ve always lived “to the victor go the spoils”; a winners-take-all set of rules.

A few hundred years ago, we started taking political power from “royalty” and “nobility.”
A little over 150 years ago we finally gave up actual slavery, though we kept a virtual form of it.
Then 100 years ago, we started giving up male supremacy. We let women vote and elected a few.
And 50 years ago, we started giving up white supremacy.
NOW, the damn liberals, socialists and communists want to give up white privilege!!
The last of our inherited perquisites!
And Trump Supporters just won’t STAND for it!
We won’t dip our flag to salute another country.
We won’t give up our cheap gasoline and play on an equal playing field with unwashed mobs and terrorists. Hell, we wouldn’t give it all back to the damn indians, would we? And it’s all or nothing.

We want our big trucks and our guns and the power that comes with inheritance and money.
We don’t want SALT II and limits on our world-crushing power and prestige.
We want America to be even Greater, more feared and more envied.
We won’t give up our guns and our “rights” whether or not the rules are unfair.
Even if we’re poor, we want the hope of winning the lottery and being on top of the world.
The thought of everyone getting the same health care just doesn’t cut it.
Everyone’s kids getting the same education takes away the hope of special treatment.
A meritocracy? Sure — as long as we have the upper hand and veto power in the UN.

What liberals are asking for is actual equality under a law that is fair and values human rights more than property rights and inheritance rights. This turns around almost all of white human history and goes against strict Constitutional Law as well as Canon Law. It’s what makes whites different from Native Americans and Native Africans and the Buddhist Asians I met in Thailand who think wealth is the number of people you support rather than a bank account and don’t actually make good businessmen; that role more often taken by first- or second-generation Chinese or East Indian entrepreneurs.

No wonder conservatives hate everything Obama did.  For them, this turns the world upside down — permanently!
        — Dave

For the rest of us, I have this small salve: human rights have ALWAYS been EQUAL rights. There’s no other way. If there are rights for some people and not for others, we’re in conflict with others AND with the balance of nature AND with a part of human nature that thrives on compassion, reconciliation and belonging. The segregation we used to practice took away a bunch of freedom from white folks along with the systematic suppression of blacks. It’ll never come back.

That’s also why we’ll never go back to “obey” as the standard female marriage vow or keeping blacks out of the voting booths or successfully invading countries like Vietnam, Cuba, Mozambique, Afghanistan, or Iraq. And, if we ever got actual equality in this world, we’d never go back to what we have now!

And that’s why they’re so passionate about white privilege. Losing that would start a stunning chain of events that, like free trade agreements, would put us all on an equal footing … and, as with Jimmy Carter’s brief but successful efforts at world peace, the end of our obsolete but treasured “greatness.”

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