A New Creed

I believe in a Creator of vast age and incomprehensible abilities who invented the atom and energy and created an almost infinitely vast and old Universe where she could patiently allow eons to elapse in an incomprehensibly vast number of laboratories where her creations could evolve and interact.

I believe she likes sunlight and flowers and trees and sweet corn and cats and dogs and porpoises and pigs and elephants and zebras and lions and humans.

I believe she sees their interdependence with a deep and infinitely patient understanding and tolerates their misconceptions and their battles, wars and sins.

Among her human offspring, I see her as unable to muster any preference of one from another but sees how the “bad” ones affect the “good” ones and longs for our understanding and humility.

I believe she loves each and every one of her creations with equal passion, inexhaustible empathy, enormous patience, and constant grief and sees their evolution both good and bad and their passion to understand things they haven’t the ability to understand.  She mourns Jeffrey Dahmer and his victims with a comprehensive understanding of what created his deranged thinking and inexcusable behavior and sees no need to add to the massive suffering he caused but no necessity to detract from it either.  She mourns and continues her silent vigil in hopes we can discern the underlying causes and cures of this particular derangement and thereby learn and grow wiser and more empathetic.

I believe she is often disheartened when we adopt longstanding enmities, prejudices, resentments and retaliations, and gratuitously mistreat others that could have been friends and helpmates.
And I believe she smiles when we forgive each other, when we develop a tolerance for our differences and begin the process of understanding each other with empathy, wisdom, and reconciliation.

What say you?  

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