The Upcoming US Presidential Election

Dear Pete,
I’m anti-war and socialist in my political views ( but I’m voting for what’s best for the country as a whole and that isn’t the candidates that best represent my political views but the candidate most likely to reunite the United States!
I suggest REUNITE THE UNITED STATES as a campaign slogan because it is the most pressing issue, despite the godawful wars, climate change, widespread worldwide greed as our governing value, and ownership rights completely overriding civil rights and human rights.
We are getting close to another civil (read entirely UNcivil) war.  This is not the time to take away the special perquisites of union members and congresspersons and make them stand in the waiting line in the emergency room like the rest of us.  This is not the time to take from the rich and give to the poor.  This is not the time to bring a hundred thousand soldiers back from Germany, Japan, and South Korea, where they have been patiently awaiting World War III for sixty or seventy years while the rich get richer.  And this may not yet to be the time to assert the government’s obligation to regulate arms as spelled out in the Second Amendment or enforce a ban on civilian weapons of war and attempt to take them away from ardent members of the NRA.
This is the time for moderation and restraint and respectful dialogue and compromise.
I am reminded of Nelson Mandela and the inclusiveness of his government when his nation was posed on the brink of a bloody civil war.  There’s got to be a way through this without a lot of bloodshed, which usually doesn’t fix things anyway, despite doing so in our movies and video games.
I favor Pete because he’s soft spoken but assertive, capable but not domineering, and he obviously believes in and practices working together for the common good without throwing out all his values.
I think he would be an appealing counterpoint to Donald Trump and his pervasive negativity, strident tone, and constant divisiveness.
Dave Dodson, Phoenix, AZ

I just sent the aforementioned email to Pete Buttigieg, following a campaign contribution several days ago.

The problem, as I see it, is that people don’t really want equal rights yet. They want to be “the greatest nation on earth” or a millionaire or billionaire and far more poor people than wealthy people play lotteries with the slim but non-negligible chance of hitting the big time. Of course, this doesn’t always lead to happily ever after, but it’s the game today and many people are buying into it in a big way.

Anyway, I don’t know if the mayor of South Bend has a chance of winning, but I think Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren would further divide the country and that concerns me deeply.

Furthermore, when I stood for seven hours to hear Bernie in person, I agreed with everything he said, but I got the distinct feeling that his supporters and his campaign staff were in it for themselves and thinking what can the government do for me? and free college education!!! And I left with an uneasy feeling that has never left me. Also, he wasn’t even talking about the one act that set him apart from the other 99 US Senators — the vote against starting a civil war in Iraq.

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